19.06.2020 07:19:21 PM (GMT)

– Excuse me, boys. Pretty girls coming through!

11.06.2020 08:22:19 PM (GMT)

– Я здесь за психа. Вакансия закрыта.

11.06.2020 08:21:10 PM (GMT)

– Те копы сейчас в раю и опознают нас только на спиритическом сеансе.

7.06.2020 05:00:53 PM (GMT)

Note: Mihari talks in gyaru accent.

7.06.2020 05:00:32 PM (GMT)

– Nice job not getting your skirt wet. That's quite a dexterous feat!

27.05.2020 02:59:41 PM (GMT)

You have won! Your victory has enabled humankind to evacuate Earth and escape the nightmare. Now you are the only human left on the face of the planet. Cannibal Mutations, Carnivorous Aliens, and Evil Spirits are your only neighbors. You sit back and wait for death, content that you have saved your species.

But then, Earth Control beams down a message from space: "Sensors have located the source of the Alien invasion. If you go there, you may be able to block their entry. The Alien base is in the heart of your own home city, not far from the starport". Slowly and painfully you get up and return to the fray.

19.05.2020 02:17:54 PM (GMT)

Mahiro has forgotten She once was a boy before.

«There are no brakes in TSF train».

19.05.2020 02:17:52 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: Uwah! There it is, research mode!

19.05.2020 02:17:50 PM (GMT)

Kaede: I'M SUUUUPER COLD! ☆ ...fashion is all about perseverance! Bare legs are high school girl's privilege!..

19.05.2020 02:17:48 PM (GMT)

Mihari: «To make onii-chan a proper human being...»

19.05.2020 02:17:46 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: Food tastes better after some hard work! The joy of manual labor...

Mihari: From you of all people... Then how about you work more?

Mahiro: No thank you!

19.05.2020 02:17:44 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: All I need to be happy is a full belly and an afternoon nap.

Mihari: You should learn the joys of manual labor...

19.05.2020 02:17:42 PM (GMT)

Mihari: Good luck being a girl this year, too!

19.05.2020 02:17:40 PM (GMT)


19.05.2020 02:17:38 PM (GMT)

Miyo: Why don't we go back to our roots and observe some Asahi x Momiji?..


19.05.2020 02:17:36 PM (GMT)

Miyo: Hey, hey! How should we make the cookies?

Mahiro: Miyo-chan, are you good with snacks?

Miyo: I love making them!

Mahiro: Eh? What a coincidence! I just love eating them!

19.05.2020 02:17:34 PM (GMT)

Miyo: They really stand out when I wear the gym uniform, and it's so embarrassing... But we wear jerseys in the winter so it's okay for now.

Mahiro: «Big ones have it tough too... There's so much to learn about boobs».

19.05.2020 02:17:32 PM (GMT)

Kaede: If that's the case, then just leave it to onee-san! I'll be sure to give you two a through teaching! ☆

Mahiro: «That was vaguely lewd!»

19.05.2020 02:17:30 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: ...alright, the true night starts now... This is when online gamers get serious! A savage time in which the number of casuals drop...

19.05.2020 02:17:28 PM (GMT)

*loli hug*

19.05.2020 02:17:26 PM (GMT)


19.05.2020 02:17:24 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: «Who'd have thought that I'd have to go through middle school again... AND AS A GIRL...»

19.05.2020 02:17:22 PM (GMT)

Asahi: How you're a lazy piece of trash that's terrible with other people!

19.05.2020 02:17:20 PM (GMT)

Tips: If you grew a dick... don't panic, get your little sister to check that PHYSICALLY.

19.05.2020 02:17:18 PM (GMT)

つづく! = to be CLIFFHAGER!