19.05.2020 02:17:54 PM (GMT)

Mahiro has forgotten She once was a boy before.

«There are no brakes in TSF train».

19.05.2020 02:17:52 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: Uwah! There it is, research mode!

19.05.2020 02:17:50 PM (GMT)

Kaede: I'M SUUUUPER COLD! ☆ ...fashion is all about perseverance! Bare legs are high school girl's privilege!..

19.05.2020 02:17:48 PM (GMT)

Mihari: «To make onii-chan a proper human being...»

19.05.2020 02:17:46 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: Food tastes better after some hard work! The joy of manual labor...

Mihari: From you of all people... Then how about you work more?

Mahiro: No thank you!

19.05.2020 02:17:44 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: All I need to be happy is a full belly and an afternoon nap.

Mihari: You should learn the joys of manual labor...

19.05.2020 02:17:42 PM (GMT)

Mihari: Good luck being a girl this year, too!

19.05.2020 02:17:40 PM (GMT)


19.05.2020 02:17:38 PM (GMT)

Miyo: Why don't we go back to our roots and observe some Asahi x Momiji?..


19.05.2020 02:17:36 PM (GMT)

Miyo: Hey, hey! How should we make the cookies?

Mahiro: Miyo-chan, are you good with snacks?

Miyo: I love making them!

Mahiro: Eh? What a coincidence! I just love eating them!

19.05.2020 02:17:34 PM (GMT)

Miyo: They really stand out when I wear the gym uniform, and it's so embarrassing... But we wear jerseys in the winter so it's okay for now.

Mahiro: «Big ones have it tough too... There's so much to learn about boobs».

19.05.2020 02:17:32 PM (GMT)

Kaede: If that's the case, then just leave it to onee-san! I'll be sure to give you two a through teaching! ☆

Mahiro: «That was vaguely lewd!»

19.05.2020 02:17:30 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: ...alright, the true night starts now... This is when online gamers get serious! A savage time in which the number of casuals drop...

19.05.2020 02:17:28 PM (GMT)

*loli hug*

19.05.2020 02:17:26 PM (GMT)


19.05.2020 02:17:24 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: «Who'd have thought that I'd have to go through middle school again... AND AS A GIRL...»

19.05.2020 02:17:22 PM (GMT)

Asahi: How you're a lazy piece of trash that's terrible with other people!

19.05.2020 02:17:20 PM (GMT)

Tips: If you grew a dick... don't panic, get your little sister to check that PHYSICALLY.

19.05.2020 02:17:18 PM (GMT)

つづく! = to be CLIFFHAGER!

19.05.2020 02:17:16 PM (GMT)

Mihari: They say the detox is its big selling point.

Kaede: Oooooh! I can feel the toxins are leaving!

19.05.2020 02:17:14 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: So this day has finally arrived... The one-night onsen trip...

Mihari: Weren't you so happy about it earlier?

Mahiro: When I think about spending the night over there, my body gets all flustered! I must be allergic to the outside!!!

19.05.2020 02:17:12 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: «The Hair Salon!!! A location in which fashionable ladies and gentlemen socialize! A disastrous place that has zero compatibility with an in-home security guard!»

Hairdresser: Are you Mihari-chan's little sister? Your onee-chan always comes here!

Mahiro: «THERE IT IS!!!»

19.05.2020 02:17:08 PM (GMT)

Mihari: Reading manga, watching TV. Lazing around for a day without a care... This is paradise... I'M GONNA TURN INTO ONII-CHAN LIKE THIS!!!

Imouto-chan's also done for!

19.05.2020 02:02:50 PM (GMT)

Kukuri: Yes, indeedy.

19.05.2020 02:02:46 PM (GMT)

Kiriha: Time to wash all the sweat, tears and other miscellany away!