2.07.2018 11:49:27 PM (GMT)

Alana: Oh, you know how it is with Ariel. She just gets involved with things and, well... You know.

Sebastian: Dat girl cannot go through life wit' you making excuses for her all dat time, Alana!

2.07.2018 11:49:21 PM (GMT)

Flounder: Maybe someday you'll get to live up there!

Ariel: Sure, Flounder. Dream me another one.

2.07.2018 11:49:17 PM (GMT)

Ariel: But I'm tired of just hearing things. I want to see them. Experience them first-hand!

Flounder: Can't you experience them first-hand by listening to stories about them?

Ariel: It doesn't work that way, Flounder.

2.07.2018 11:49:07 PM (GMT)

Ariel: Flounder, that's so silly. What is there so terrible in the world that you can't even look at?

Flounder: Humans! I heard that... That just a sight of 'em, uh, makes your eyeballs melt! And your brain gets all frozen over, and, and, and your tongue falls out, and... And your scales get all brown and yacky, and... Well, that's what I HEARD!

Ariel: Flounder, you can be such a guppy.

Flounder: I'm not a guppy.

Ariel: Then don't act like one. «Melting eyeballs» honestly!

Flounder: Well, that's what...

Ariel: You heard, I know.

24.06.2018 09:17:15 PM (GMT)

– Друг мой... Ты... Ты успел вернуться вовремя! Душу твоего покорного уже объял трепет, ибо помыслил, что тебя здесь не будет! А почему слёзы льёшь? Не потому ли, что пришлось чуть раньше со своего свидания уйти?

– Гакт... ты не поверишь... как же... как же я облажался...

– Что? Облажался?

– Облажался... да-да...

– Неужто ты... Ты вернулся раньше, ибо забыл про фигурку? Четыре года ждать новую и ещё три — ходить по школе униженным и оскорблённым... Семь лет псу под хвост из-за твоего промаха. Взял стопы свои в руки! И обратно давай за усладой очей моих! За фигуркой! За Гуань Юй на Красном зайце!

– Тише. Купил я твою фигурку. Вон.

24.06.2018 09:11:00 PM (GMT)

– Слышь, туша, да я тя за муравьёв на котлеты пущу!

24.06.2018 09:10:56 PM (GMT)

«Х» значит «Хана»

8.06.2018 11:59:13 PM (GMT)

El Burro: I started my exotic entertainment business with nothing but sizable contents of my leather pants! A gang of no-goods has threatened to remove my starring member if I don't pay them a cut. They threaten the wrong man, amigo.

6.06.2018 06:03:43 PM (GMT)

– Теперь мы все знаем, что бога нет. Но есть возможность заработать кучу бабла на его имени.

27.05.2018 09:08:04 AM (GMT)

Everything the Soviets ever told us about Communism was a lie. Unfortunately, everything they told us about capitalism was true.

27.05.2018 09:03:04 AM (GMT)

– Так страшно, когда жизнь пронеслась перед глазами. Но я без очков не разглядел.

12.04.2018 09:20:54 PM (GMT)

Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 7

When the Builder walks before thee and builds for thee a fortress, wilt thou go inside and shut the door? Or wilt thou say «Yes, and now I shalt raise one of my own!»

28.02.2018 08:54:37 PM (GMT)

– Гяру страшные существа. Вовсе не такие, как мы. Каждая на своей волне.

27.02.2018 08:24:43 AM (GMT)

Cop: You have the right to remain silent... There's more but fuck if I care.

25.02.2018 08:26:32 AM (GMT)

– О человеке не судят по размеру сисек!

25.02.2018 12:00:15 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: Soldiers that have been forged in the fires of battle are used to catching naps whenever and wherever they can. There's a big difference between real soldiers and those kids who have only been trained in VR simulators. After playing for a long time, you should get some rest too.

25.02.2018 12:00:13 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: Snake, you've got to think. Your mind is your most dangerous weapon. If things are getting too complicated, try to simplify your thoughts. You can also try calling Campbell for advice.

25.02.2018 12:00:11 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: The weather in Alaska is very hard to predict. It can change on a dime. A lot of people say it's the worst weather in the world.

25.02.2018 12:00:09 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: Military C-rations place an emphasis on calories. That's why it's best to use them along with some other type of nutritional supplement such as vitamins or minerals.

25.02.2018 12:00:07 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: Where I come from, a soldier who loses his head in combat is called a "target".

25.02.2018 12:00:05 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: It's never a good idea to fight on too full a stomach. It'll make you logy... maybe even sleepy. You should wait 30 minutes after eating before you play.

25.02.2018 12:00:03 AM (GMT)

Master Miller: People's reaction speed is slowest around three o'clock in the morning, and so is their judgment. If you're feeling drowsy, you should get some sleep.

13.02.2018 08:22:41 PM (GMT)

Campbell: Snake, don't forget this is a covert operation. There are lots of bad guys and only one of you.

3.02.2018 11:05:01 AM (GMT)

– Полёт – естественное состояние баскетболиста.

10.01.2018 10:52:20 PM (GMT)

– Ну, не знаю, – сказал эксперт-медик, согнув запястье и приложив тыльную сторону ладони к лицу покойника. – Возможно, как вы и полагаете, Делагерра, никакой политики тут нет. Он такой симпатичный жмурик.