1.01.2021 09:22:25 PM (GMT)

Dedication! Hope! Dogeza!

16.12.2020 11:21:20 PM (GMT)

In space no one can hear your FLŰGGÅƏNK∂€ČHIŒβØL∫ÊN.

7.12.2020 12:59:42 AM (GMT)

– If it's eating, then I already do it normally though?

– You haven't overeaten until you died yet, no?

– Of course not...

– So, let's eat and die.

7.12.2020 12:59:39 AM (GMT)

– Your «HP» gets higher.

– E-Eich Pii?

7.12.2020 12:59:37 AM (GMT)

– My name is too cool for you to handle. I can't even handle my own name. Alexander. Feel free to call me Alex or Alc.

7.12.2020 12:59:34 AM (GMT)

– Let's work hard to die!

30.11.2020 03:31:15 PM (GMT)

– Это был... полицейский!

– Полицейский? Он был в форме?

– В отличной форме!

20.11.2020 12:29:50 AM (GMT)

– Ashida-san, I'd like to use your clay pot, but I can't find it.

– I don't have one.

– You don't?! Then what do you usually use when you prepare congee?

– Well... I usually don't prepare congee.

19.11.2020 08:17:18 PM (GMT)

– What did she mean by others?! I'm not others, I'm your onee-chan!

31.10.2020 04:24:43 PM (GMT)

– Happiness isn't something that others give you. It's something you make yourself!

28.10.2020 09:59:00 PM (GMT)

Friends are easy to make, and easier to lose.

28.10.2020 09:56:58 PM (GMT)

Kurt's brought some powerful friends with him tonight. Show him that you're not impressed.

4.10.2020 03:11:08 PM (GMT)

Galia's handmade little baloon. It floated along, it burst, and then it disappeared.

4.10.2020 03:10:09 PM (GMT)

– Lies can be pretty convenient, eh?

28.09.2020 10:52:01 PM (GMT)

– I've changed my mind... You train your body, don't you? As I thought, I'll burn you up. You won't taste good at all. Humans who train their bodies have less umami.

28.09.2020 10:51:58 PM (GMT)

– That's strange... She didn't say a word, but I clearly heard her call me piece of shit...

28.09.2020 10:51:55 PM (GMT)

– These are explosives discovered in the ruins of Sendorio. If you put them there, they'll explode, if you throw them, they'll explode. But against an undefeatable enemy... I'll hug them and explode.

28.09.2020 10:51:52 PM (GMT)

– Heh... You dodged it, I'm surprised. As expected of a guardian. A normal person would've had their head sent flying.

28.09.2020 10:51:49 PM (GMT)

– Sigh... Things really aren't going my way. I was planning to just kill you and live in this house... But to think you're actually a guardian... If I kill you, everyone will search for you. In that case... It won't make a difference if I kill you in a very flashy way.

28.09.2020 09:45:29 PM (GMT)

– Looks delicious. But... I have to resist, I have to resist... If I don't eat them stealthily they'll all run away.

20.09.2020 08:11:28 PM (GMT)

– Мы ещё должны дону Дону тридцать тысяч долларов?

– Ты ему заплатил?

– Нет.

– Значит мы ещё должны ему.

5.09.2020 06:54:06 PM (GMT)

– Noah! What's its weakness?

– Why do you think I'd know? Are you stupid?

– Then what was the point of you pointing out every single reason we're fucked?!

30.08.2020 11:46:11 AM (GMT)

– I'm hungry... I ate everyone in this fort... Even though I was alright barely eating any humans... For the past hundred years... It's strange for me to be so ravenous... No. It's not strange at all... Since I haven't eaten for a hundred years... My body needs a hundred years worth of humans...

30.08.2020 11:42:09 AM (GMT)

– Well, you know, if you've lived together for some time, your feelings towards people change somewhat. Eating people I know feels a little awkward. Tastes great though.

29.08.2020 01:43:18 PM (GMT)

I'll set your apathetic heart on fire and forge in into shape with this hammer!