13.03.2019 02:43:36 AM (GMT)

– Mickey, what a surprise! Do close the door... from outside!

13.03.2019 02:43:34 AM (GMT)

And so I'm the last one to find out that I have a secretary, Sarah Fossett. A bad blow to my self-esteem as a detective.

13.03.2019 02:43:32 AM (GMT)

I've run out of clients, for the moment. And I hope a new one isn't coming in the next half hour because I want to have a look at Sonny's archive.

13.03.2019 02:43:30 AM (GMT)

– You're gettin' too worked up, Freddie. He's alone, against us!

– You don't get it, do you? We are alone, against him.

13.03.2019 02:43:28 AM (GMT)

– Justice doesn't work... That's the problem with Anderville!

– Can I point out that comin' from you it sounds like a joke, Freddie?

– No!

13.03.2019 02:43:26 AM (GMT)

The road to justice sometimes offers shortcuts and very often they pass through Anderville.

13.03.2019 02:43:24 AM (GMT)

– And... I won't be locked up?

– No crime, no punishment.

13.03.2019 02:43:22 AM (GMT)

– May I seat here?

– May I stop you?

13.03.2019 02:43:20 AM (GMT)

I lived to investigate, once. For two months, I've been investigating for living.

13.03.2019 02:43:18 AM (GMT)

– Before we start, a question. Do you know the difference between count Dracula and a bright and cunning detective from 28th precinct?

– It's easy! On of 'em doesn't exist!

– Hey! The boy believes in vampires!

28.02.2019 11:26:39 PM (GMT)

– So am I badass enough?

– You wouldn't even know how to spell... BADASS!

28.02.2019 11:26:37 PM (GMT)

– Prsciai navsegda!

28.02.2019 11:26:35 PM (GMT)

– Hey, Sonny! What if I came to Anderville, too? We could open that agency right away.

– You in Anderville? No, no! You wouldn't make it! You have skill, you're top of your class, you're clever... But you ain't badass enough!

28.02.2019 11:26:33 PM (GMT)

– For starters, do you know this guy?

– You have three seconds.

One is enough.

– Rud Kaminsky!


28.02.2019 11:26:31 PM (GMT)

– Unbelievable! He's called John Smith!

28.02.2019 11:26:29 PM (GMT)

– What do you want?

– Just to ask you some easy little questions, as in those game shows on TV.

– If you don't answer right, the consolation prize is as two weeks stay in a hospital of your choice.

28.02.2019 11:26:27 PM (GMT)

This is one of the things that I would never have done in Mouseton. One of many. But I'm learning quick.

28.02.2019 11:26:25 PM (GMT)

– We'll make a hi res scan, crypt it in BinHex and then post it on the alt.anderville.conspiracy BBS!

28.02.2019 11:26:23 PM (GMT)

Eddie Megget, bookmaker. I wonder what are my odds.

28.02.2019 11:26:21 PM (GMT)

He's very polite. When he talks to somebody, he always looks him straight in the eyes.

Mickey: Burke, look at the roaaad!

Taxi driver: Oh, I've seen it million times! It ain't that great!

28.02.2019 11:26:19 PM (GMT)

Taxi driver: Do call me Burke! Gimme your hand!

Mickey: Mickey, very glad. Hem... What about putting it back on the wheel now?

28.02.2019 11:26:17 PM (GMT)

Taxi driver: So, where we're going?

Mickey: Hem... A moment. To 5136 Mole Drive, Moneydale.

Taxi driver: Wow! Big money district! Luckily I just had car washed, not even a year ago!

28.02.2019 11:26:15 PM (GMT)

I think I scored some million points in a few minutes. Almost perfect night...

28.02.2019 11:26:13 PM (GMT)

– Okay, this match is officially over! Remember what happened Randall when he pissed me off? He remembers very well.

28.02.2019 11:26:11 PM (GMT)

There's nothing worse than a pair of shoes that hurts! Especially when they're not yours.