19.05.2020 02:17:42 PM (GMT)

Mihari: Good luck being a girl this year, too!

19.05.2020 02:17:40 PM (GMT)


19.05.2020 02:17:38 PM (GMT)

Miyo: Why don't we go back to our roots and observe some Asahi x Momiji?..


19.05.2020 02:17:36 PM (GMT)

Miyo: Hey, hey! How should we make the cookies?

Mahiro: Miyo-chan, are you good with snacks?

Miyo: I love making them!

Mahiro: Eh? What a coincidence! I just love eating them!

19.05.2020 02:17:34 PM (GMT)

Miyo: They really stand out when I wear the gym uniform, and it's so embarrassing... But we wear jerseys in the winter so it's okay for now.

Mahiro: «Big ones have it tough too... There's so much to learn about boobs».

19.05.2020 02:17:32 PM (GMT)

Kaede: If that's the case, then just leave it to onee-san! I'll be sure to give you two a through teaching! ☆

Mahiro: «That was vaguely lewd!»

19.05.2020 02:17:30 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: ...alright, the true night starts now... This is when online gamers get serious! A savage time in which the number of casuals drop...

19.05.2020 02:17:28 PM (GMT)

*loli hug*

19.05.2020 02:17:26 PM (GMT)


19.05.2020 02:17:24 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: «Who'd have thought that I'd have to go through middle school again... AND AS A GIRL...»

19.05.2020 02:17:22 PM (GMT)

Asahi: How you're a lazy piece of trash that's terrible with other people!

19.05.2020 02:17:20 PM (GMT)

Tips: If you grew a dick... don't panic, get your little sister to check that PHYSICALLY.

19.05.2020 02:17:18 PM (GMT)

つづく! = to be CLIFFHAGER!

19.05.2020 02:17:16 PM (GMT)

Mihari: They say the detox is its big selling point.

Kaede: Oooooh! I can feel the toxins are leaving!

19.05.2020 02:17:14 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: So this day has finally arrived... The one-night onsen trip...

Mihari: Weren't you so happy about it earlier?

Mahiro: When I think about spending the night over there, my body gets all flustered! I must be allergic to the outside!!!

19.05.2020 02:17:12 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: «The Hair Salon!!! A location in which fashionable ladies and gentlemen socialize! A disastrous place that has zero compatibility with an in-home security guard!»

Hairdresser: Are you Mihari-chan's little sister? Your onee-chan always comes here!

Mahiro: «THERE IT IS!!!»

19.05.2020 02:17:08 PM (GMT)

Mihari: Reading manga, watching TV. Lazing around for a day without a care... This is paradise... I'M GONNA TURN INTO ONII-CHAN LIKE THIS!!!

Imouto-chan's also done for!

19.05.2020 02:02:50 PM (GMT)

Kukuri: Yes, indeedy.

19.05.2020 02:02:46 PM (GMT)

Kiriha: Time to wash all the sweat, tears and other miscellany away!

19.05.2020 02:02:42 PM (GMT)

Honoka: Right now, you're just a normal human with a sword.

19.05.2020 02:02:36 PM (GMT)

Kiriha: What's this? Did you order some «inspiration» for your self-abuse?

19.05.2020 02:01:40 PM (GMT)

The horrendous visage of the biggest demon you've ever seen crumbles before you, as you pump your rockets through his exposed brain. The monster shrivels up and dies, its thrashing limbs devastating untold miles of Hell's surface.

You've done it. The invasion is over. Earth is saved. Hell is a wreck. You wonder where the bad folks will go when they die, now. Wiping the sweat from your forehead you begin the long trek back home. Rebuilding Earth ought to be a lot more fun than ruining it was.

28.04.2020 05:32:39 PM (GMT)

Mahiro: «Suddenly all alone with a middleschooler girl in my room... Just what we are supposed to play?!»

28.04.2020 05:32:33 PM (GMT)

– Sunami's battle underwear is black! Occasionally see-through!

– Wrong! Her battle underwear is red! I confirmed it when she was changing!

28.04.2020 05:32:05 PM (GMT)

Super Eros Chief Counciler @erographersaru

Replying to: @lovinggirlslove-san

I've been wondering this for a while, but aren't your standards a bit low when it comes to acknowledging something as yuri, Agape-san?


Agape@YuriAcc @lovinggirlslove

Replying to: @erographersaru-san

My standards aren't low. The world just so happens to be full of love.