23.05.2019 10:04:38 AM (GMT)

Ariel: Flounder, look! It's a thingamabob!

Flounder: Aw, Ariel, whattaya need another one of those for? You've got nineteen already!

Ariel: So now I'll have twenty.

23.05.2019 10:00:28 AM (GMT)

Ariel: This is incredible! All sorts of creatures I've never even heard of, much less seen! Look at all this! Flounder, when was the last time you saw anything remotely like this?

Flounder: In my nuh... nightmares.

23.05.2019 09:47:24 AM (GMT)

Sebastian: Look at da size of dat t'ing! And we're going in dere?

Ariel: Aw, Sebastian, where's your sense of adventure?

Sebastian: I must've left it behind wit' my common sense!

23.05.2019 09:47:21 AM (GMT)


23.05.2019 09:42:31 AM (GMT)

Sebastian: Well, I just hope dis ain't a case of curiosity killing da crab.

14.05.2019 01:53:50 AM (GMT)

– Ariel, wait! We're not supposed to come this far! There's boundaries your father set! Official borders! And we're about to cross one. We'll be outside of the merpeople territory.

– Now there you go again, Flounder! Borders are just made-up lines! Look down there. Do you see any lines?

– Well, ah... no.

– There, y' see? Why should I worry about imaginary lines? Am I an imaginary mermaid?

14.05.2019 01:48:54 AM (GMT)

– Why do dese tings happen to me? What did I do to deserve dis? Da greatest musical mind in da seven seas, and I'm off looking for dat girl. Right now she's in more danger from me den dat shark, dat's for sure.

14.05.2019 01:47:09 AM (GMT)

– Are you questioning my order, Sebastian?

– Me?

– You.

– No!

– Good.

14.05.2019 01:41:01 AM (GMT)

– You got choral practice in an hour... So you want to be telling me where you suddenly sneaking off to, meaning you'll miss it like always

– Ohhh... Nowhere.

– Where nowhere?

– No somewhere in particular.

14.05.2019 01:20:01 AM (GMT)

– Eric! For heaven's sake, get off of there!

– Sit down, ye landlubbing beanpole! Ye'll capsize us! Besides, don't ye know the highest rankin' crewman always goes down with his ship? An' no one ranks higher than a prince!

– Indeed. And if the prince honors that tradition and drowns, while we all sit here safely, the chances are the grand admiral will make sure your next assignment is to a garbage scow.

– Your highness! Get off that thing! No sense in losing the both of ye!

– Muuuuuuch better.

17.04.2019 04:18:24 PM (GMT)

Maslab the Inn Keeper: You are Fat Lilly's kid, right? Loli, was it?

Lola: Actually it's Lola...

Maslab the Inn Keeper: Really? I could've sworn your name was Loli...

17.04.2019 03:20:03 PM (GMT)

– If there is no path behind you, the only way you can go is forward.

15.04.2019 10:23:14 PM (GMT)

Princess Jasmineper

15.04.2019 07:10:50 PM (GMT)

Rose the Teacher: «Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably the are both disappointed». Albert Einstein. An ancient wizard from the old world. I doubt you heard of him.

15.04.2019 06:58:44 PM (GMT)

Balsam the Merchant: Today I'm giving my goods away in exchange for money!

15.04.2019 06:54:01 PM (GMT)

Maslab the Inn Keeper: On some days I think: «What did I ever do to deserve such a blessed life?» On other days I think: «Goddammit! Why me?!» That's just how life is, my friend!

15.04.2019 06:41:18 PM (GMT)

Balsam the Merchant: If you give me a gold coin, I will turn it into three gold coins then I will give two coins back to you and keep one for myself. This is called «Investment». What? I'm not kidding! You have a gold coin?

10.04.2019 08:23:10 PM (GMT)

Ibis: But it worries me...

Serval: What does?

Ibis: Why do you and everyone else accommodate my selfish wishes? You could just tell me to head deep into forest and sing alone.

Serval: Crested Ibis, the thing you should know is... Wait, why didn't we?

Caracal: Serval...

10.04.2019 08:19:28 PM (GMT)

Ibis: I don't mind whether you're professors or wise ones – could you help me fix my voice?

10.04.2019 08:19:24 PM (GMT)

Professor: There may be more pressing matters than the Cellians. You seem to be exceedingly tone-deaf.

Caracal: Ah, she said it. Hey, Serval, can you tell them? That academic freedom should have its limits.

Ibis: More importantly...

Serval: Ah, she's tougher than she looks.

7.04.2019 12:16:33 PM (GMT)

– Off I go!

– Off she went...

13.03.2019 02:43:42 AM (GMT)

– I was passing by and I decided to come and say hello.

– Forrest Steelhammer. What a coincidence. You came to my mind, yesterday night, while I was taking out the trash!

All of sudden, chill was cast over the office...

– Always very funny, out Jan Clayton. I might dislocate my jaw from the laughs.

– Don't worry. A punch and it shifts back into place.

And then the atmosphere becomes red-hot. The climate is quite uncertain around here.

13.03.2019 02:43:40 AM (GMT)

– I already said everything about Rud Kaminsky affair.

– Sometimes everything isn't enough.

13.03.2019 02:43:38 AM (GMT)

– Inspector, when will I be allowed to leave?

– Even now. The exit is right behind you.

– Don't play dumb! You've forced me to stay in Anderville for two months, at your disposal!

– You're bored? Perhaps you still haven't visited the museum of bolts. The biggest one in the world is there, you know?

– Are you kidding me?

– Eh, eh! The problem with detectives is that we can't hide nothing from you!

13.03.2019 02:43:36 AM (GMT)

– Mickey, what a surprise! Do close the door... from outside!